Individual Therapy

When an individual realizes that there are areas of their life with which they are unhappy they may decide to seek help in making changes to improve their situation. Individual therapy is a way to receive hel p in resolving problems.

Individual therapy involves a meeting between a client and a therapist. The overall goal of therapy is for the therapist to understand the client’s issues and decide how together they can best deal with them. Typically sessions are scheduled weekly and last approximately 45 to 50 minutes. Adjustments may be made to this schedule depending on the client’s needs. The initial consultation involves gathering information about the individual and the problems facing them. During this session the therapist will ask questions in order to better understand the client and the issues they want to resolve. These questions may cover your past and current experiences, family, friends, employment, legal or medical issues. This information will help the therapist determine what the problem is, why it may be occurring, and how to best assist in finding a solution. The information you share in individual sessions is confidential and protected.