Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health

Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health, a multi-disciplinary center offering dedicated quality mental health care. Veridian is part of the behavioral health department of Salina Regional Health Center.

As part of SRHC, we offer a full continuum of care for Central Kansas.

Many of Veridian's services are geared toward individuals and families who are struggling with common life problems such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, parent-child conflicts or grief and loss. Our services are provided in a convenient and comfortable, private office setting.

Veridian psychiatrists provide direct care in an office setting while actively serving in various settings, such as intensive outpatient care, inpatient care in Salina Regional Health Center and in nursing homes.

Veridian psychologists provide a range of testing that assists in the delivery of care for all our clientele. We also have a wide range of experienced psychotherapists licensed at the highest clinical levels within their professions as marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and social workers.

Now Is the Time to Get Moving

As cold weather settles in and the days grow shorter, it's tempting to put off any thoughts of becoming active. The bustle of the holidays also makes it harder to follow through on a plan to start exercising, because you just don't think you have the time.
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Are You a Compulsive Shopper?

These days, shopping is as much a form of entertainment as going to the movies or playing video games. Between mall culture and convenient credit, it's easy to spend your time spending money.
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Morning Medical

Learn about the services offered at Veridian Behavioral Health in the Morning Medical.
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Moving Beyond All-or-Nothing Thinking

One of the first mistakes people make when they fall short of a goal to start exercising or to lose weight is to think, "That's it; I've blown it. I'll never make this work." But a slip doesn't mean you're a failure.

It's important to understand a slip for what it is: a lapse. You may have fallen a step behind, but your hard work isn't lost. Remind yourself that with a little extra effort, or perhaps a change in your approach, you will be right back on track. It is an important lesson to learn for long-term weight loss success. Read More ...


How to Control Your Temper

We’ve all been angry at times. Whether it’s a fight with a friend, an annoyance at work, or something else altogether, it’s never a pleasant experience. But it’s comforting to know that—however unpleasant—anger is part of being human. At least some anger is necessary for survival. When we feel threatened, we develop aggressive feelings and behaviors, allowing us to fight and defend ourselves. Read More ...


Nicotine Substitutes Can Help You Quit

If you're ready to stop smoking, then you must be ready for the challenge when your quit date arrives. Clean out your ashtrays, and throw away any lighters and old packs lying around. Doing so can help you get smoke-free for good. Of course, you probably will have to face the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Read More ...

Meet Kari Fear

Kari holds degrees in Psychology (B.A.) and Social Work (B.S.W.) from the University of South Dakota and a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She works with individuals ages 18 and older, including couples and families. Her areas of interest in treatment include trauma, crisis counseling, mood disorders (including anxiety, anger, & depression) military life, relationship issues, adoption (including grief & loss), attachment, and infertility issues. Meet Our Professional Staff ...


Where to Turn for Mental Health

It's normal to feel stressed or anxious now and then. But it's time to call for help if emotional issues persist for a significant period of time and interfere with your life, your job, or your personal relationships.

With all the mental health resources and effective treatments available these days, you don't need to suffer and wonder what's wrong. Education and awareness have done much to erase the stigma once attached to mental illness. Still, many people don't seek help for mental health needs.

If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, seek medical help — depression is a disease that needs to be treated. Read more ...