Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health

Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health, a multi-disciplinary center offering dedicated quality mental health care. Veridian is part of the behavioral health department of Salina Regional Health Center.

As part of SRHC, we offer a full continuum of care for Central Kansas.

Many of Veridian's services are geared toward individuals and families who are struggling with common life problems such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, parent-child conflicts or grief and loss. Our services are provided in a convenient and comfortable, private office setting.

Veridian psychiatrists provide direct care in an office setting while actively serving in various settings, such as intensive outpatient care, inpatient care in Salina Regional Health Center and in nursing homes.

Veridian psychologists provide a range of testing that assists in the delivery of care for all our clientele. We also have a wide range of experienced psychotherapists licensed at the highest clinical levels within their professions as marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and social workers.

If Your Child Has Difficulty Adjusting

It is extremely difficult to cope with stressful situations that last for a long time. Children have less ability to cope with stress because of their limited life experiences. Some symptoms that your child may be having difficulty adjusting include:


Understanding the Teen Brain

It doesn't matter how smart your teen is or how well he or she scored on the SAT or ACT. Good judgment isn't something he or she can excel in, at least not yet. The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until he or she is 25 years old or so.

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Learning about ADHD

ADHD, also called attention-deficit disorder, is a behavior disorder, usually first diagnosed in childhood, that is characterized by inattention, impulsivity, and, in some cases, hyperactivity. These symptoms usually occur together; however, one may occur without the other(s).

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Salina Regional Health Center/Veridian Behavioral Health offers telemedicine services allowing patients to receive care in their home town hospital. Telemedicine gives the ability to conduct a physician-patient consultation by way of video communication. The emergence of telemedicine has provided access to specialty care for patients in rural areas including our north central region of Kanas. These telemedicine encounters occur in real time allowing both provider and patient to participate in a video visit that is just as private as an in-person visit. The patient can enjoy quality care without the hassle of missing work or school, avoiding the costs associated with travel and the delay that is caused if they need a friend or family member to accompany them to the appointment. To learn more about Salina Regional Health Center's telemedicine services, click here.

Audrey Thielen, MS, LCPC, NCC, Level 1 Theraplay Certified

Audrey is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with over five years experience working across the psychiatric continuum of care. She enjoys working with children, teenagers, and adults. She has specialized training working with children and families 0-5 years old. Enjoys working with all ages.

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In Support Groups, You Get (and Give) Help

What if you were diagnosed with cancer? What if your spouse died and you suddenly found yourself a single parent? What if you were living with an alcoholic and didn't know how to cope? Any of these situations—and a host of others—would leave you feeling alone and in need of an ally.

If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, seek medical help — depression is a disease that needs to be treated. Read more ...