Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health

Welcome to Veridian Behavioral Health, a multi-disciplinary center offering dedicated quality mental health care. Veridian is part of the behavioral health department of Salina Regional Health Center.

As part of SRHC, we offer a full continuum of care for Central Kansas.

Many of Veridian's services are geared toward individuals and families who are struggling with common life problems such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, parent-child conflicts or grief and loss. Our services are provided in a convenient and comfortable, private office setting.

Veridian psychiatrists provide direct care in an office setting while actively serving in various settings, such as intensive outpatient care, inpatient care in Salina Regional Health Center and in nursing homes.

Veridian psychologists provide a range of testing that assists in the delivery of care for all our clientele. We also have a wide range of experienced psychotherapists licensed at the highest clinical levels within their professions as marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and social workers.

Learning about Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is characterized by chronic, repeated, and unexpected panic attacks—bouts of overwhelming fear of being in danger when there is no specific cause for the fear. In between panic attacks, people with panic disorder worry excessively about when and where the next attack may occur.
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How to Juggling Home and Work

For many of us, life seems to have two speeds: fast and faster. The pressures at work are followed by the needs and demands at home. If your typical day tends to be jam-packed and exhausting, you are in good company.
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Questions About Your Child's Mental Health

Children can have mental health disorders that interfere with the way they think, feel, and act. Although some behavior problems can be attributed to normal child development, some require professional help.
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Getting the Most from a Mental Health Support Group

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or another mental health problem, you can find support by visiting an online support group. Mental health support groups offer support, understanding, and helpful information to people struggling with depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other conditions.

Many towns have face-to-face support groups. People who don’t live near such meetings have another choice: They can visit online support groups, chat rooms, and message boards. If you’re interested in joining an online support group, the following ideas can help you find one. Read More ...


Finding Support for Emotional Issues

Everyone has ups and downs, or feels anger and profound sadness at times. But how do you know when your emotions are of the everyday sort that are likely to resolve with time, or when you could benefit from seeing a therapist?

Probably the best clue that it’s time to see a therapist is a sense that the way you're thinking, feeling, or behaving has been interfering with your normal life over a significant period of time. You don’t need a clear definition of what’s bothering you before you seek therapy; it’s enough to say you’re feeling overwhelmed, immobilized, or out of your depth. Read More ...

Meet Marcia Bulleigh

Marcia works collaboratively with the Veridian psychiatrists as a Nurse Practitioner. Her primary responsibility is to provide mental health care to patients who require inpatient stabilization during crisis situations. She also assists Veridian Behavioral Health therapists to provide emergency outpatient appointments when needed.

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Focus on Keeping Your Spirits Up

You know that you should eat healthy foods and get some exercise to feel good and live longer. Another key part to living longer is your mental health.

Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. But we all face changes in life that can challenge our emotional well-being. For example, even if you always looked forward to retirement, you might miss working. Or, maybe you've moved and you miss your old friends.

Whatever happens in your life, make your mental health a priority. You'll feel better and deal with stress better. These ideas can keep your spirits up: -- Read more ...


Knowing When to Seek Treatment

Knowing when to seek treatment for mental health disorders is important for parents and families. Many times, families, spouses, or friends are the first to suspect that their loved one is challenged by feelings, behaviors, and/or environmental conditions that cause them to act disruptive, rebellious, or sad. This may include, but is not limited to, problems with relationships with friends and/or family members, work, school, sleeping, eating, substance abuse, emotional expression, development, coping, attentiveness, and responsiveness. Read More ...